Growing in size at NOLA

Wow, New Orleans was a real eye opener. Not because of the many extremely drunk people but because obesity seems to be a problem in the US. As it is in many parts of the developed world.

Not because my colleagues at the IFT 2019 expo were obese, (we’re seriously healthy foodies) but because of the size of many of the people in and around the streets of Bourbon Street.

It is shocking at how much food (and drink) is consumed and also wasted. And it’s shocking how much weight you can put on in one week! Believe me!

At least with Kudos products we do something to contribute to heart health. With cardiovascular disease being the biggest killer of all, eating a good dose of potassium in a cake containing some of our KODA™ Potassium Bicarbonate is a good thing to do.

Our products are doing a grand job at balancing the minerals sodium and potassium and increasing potassium is just as important as decreasing sodium.

But of course we supply products for cakes. And so Kudos is not helping the obesity issue. But everyone loves a little indulgence product and I doubt this will ever change. Everything in moderation is the key. At least a cake is significantly better than excessive quantities of alcohol!

I’d like to think we have a kind, good and healthy heart.

Dinnie Jordan