IP Rights

Kudos Blends Ltd. has IP Rights protecting our intellectual property, which may include patents, copyrights or trademarks that we have sought to protect.

Kudos Blends Ltd.
– Patents granted and patent applications

This page pertains to the patents and trademarks that Kudos Blends Ltd. has in place to protect the unique identities of its brand and some of its products.

Kudos Blends Ltd. currently has two families of granted and pending patent rights in a number of countries which are titled as follows:

  • ‘Stabilised potassium bicarbonate and low-sodium leavening compositions’
  • ‘Leavening agents’

These patents and applications protect Kudos Blends’ KODA™ range of coated potassium bicarbonate and ZEUS™ range of revolutionary new leavening agents respectively. Genuine purchasers of these products, as covered by the above patents, may work under the claims of these patents in so far as the claims relate to products that involve their use. However, no warranty or guarantee is provided that any such commercial activity does not infringe on third-party intellectual property rights. Please see the document below for all relevant details surrounding these patents and applications.

Kudos Blends Ltd. also has six trademarks, each of which is registered or pending in a number of countries. The six marks are as follows:

  • OPUS™
  • KODA™
  • ZEUS™
  • NEOS™
  • PELL™

The brands, logos, trade names, trademarks and service marks are the sole property of Kudos Blends Ltd. Unless otherwise agreed, none of the above-mentioned trade marks may be copied, imitated or used without the prior written permission of Kudos Blends Ltd’.

The document below details the application, publication or grant/registration numbers of the above patents and trademarks as appropriate, as well as the countries in which said patent and trademark rights apply.