Our Products

Our high-quality leavening agents generate carbon dioxide gas at the right time in the baking process to help you achieve flawless results in any application.

Our products include gluten-free, organic-compliant, low-sodium, and even sodium-free options. We can also create bespoke leavening agents to meet specific customer requirements.

Complete Baking Powders

Our extensive range of baking powders has been developed to solve many of today’s bakery challenges – all in one, easy to use ingredient.

Potassium Bicarbonate

The healthier alternative to sodium bicarbonate that allows bakeries worldwide to reduce sodium while maintaining optimum appearance, taste, texture and shelf life.

Acidulant Blends

Designed to achieve excellent stability and a consistent reaction profile, our acidulant blends offer flexibility to manufacturers who prefer to use their own combinations of leavening agents.