What is baking powder?

Baking powder is considered the fifth ingredient within a traditional bakery recipe. Flour, egg, sugar and fat are needed to bake a cake but it’s the baking powder that provides the necessary aeration, giving volume to a cake, ensuring it’s light and fluffy in texture, has a lovely mouthfeel and ultimately is something that the consumer enjoys to eat.

A baking powder can be many things – it may simply be a tool to deliver carbon dioxide gas, making your cake rise but with Kudos Blends’ range of baking powders, it can be so much more!

We ensure that consistency is achieved. Our products allow for processes commonly used within bakery operations to change, to guarantee quality baked goods that consumers will enjoy. Within our range of complete baking powders, our products offer additional benefits that no other baking powders can provide, such as shelf-life extension, sodium reduction and inclusion stability to name but a few.

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