Setting the highest standards is of the utmost importance at Kudos Blends. We ensure that all our products adhere to Halal food standards, and are suitable for use by our customers who follow this practice. The importance of this has recently been emphasised by our expansion into the Malaysian market, where a significant number of the population follows a Halal diet.

Halal certification is crucial for a bakery manufacturer as it ensures that the products comply with Islamic dietary laws, making them permissible for Muslim consumers. This certification not only enhances our reputation for quality and ethical standards but also broadens the market reach by catering to the significant and growing Muslim population worldwide. It assures all consumers of the stringent hygiene, safety, and quality controls in the manufacturing process, thereby increasing consumer trust.

The successful completion of our annual Halal recertification audit at the end of June reaffirmed our commitment to Halal production and highlighted the exceptional capabilities of our dedicated team.

The audit commenced with a productive opening meeting, where key stakeholders and the Halal Board representatives gathered for introductions and preliminary discussions. Efficiency was the hallmark of the day, as the Quality team had meticulously prepared documentation in advance. This proactive approach facilitated a smooth review of internal processes and procedures, ensuring that all necessary documents were readily available and presented promptly upon request. Team members demonstrated exceptional knowledge and confidence in discussing raw material testing protocols and schedules, promptly addressing auditor inquiries with clarity and professionalism.

The comprehensive site tour, led by key personnel, showcased the facilities including Unit 7, Unit 10, and the newly operational Unit 13 manufacturing and warehousing facility. Auditors expressed satisfaction with the progress at Unit 13 since the previous audit, highlighting its seamless integration into the production capabilities.

Following the thorough review, the closing meeting brought together the team to receive audit findings and feedback. The audit resulted in minor findings, underscoring the commitment to continuous improvement.

The overall outcome of the audit was highly positive, culminating in a recommendation to recertify Kudos Blends for another 12 months. Next year’s audit is set to be even more detailed, to align with the rigorous 3in1 Halal certification standards.

Kudos Blends remains committed to upholding the integrity of its Halal-certified processes and products. The successful audit outcome is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the team, who continually strive for excellence in every aspect of operations.

To view a copy of our Halal certification please visit About Us.