About Us

Kudos Blends is the world’s leading manufacturer of technically driven baking powders and leavening agents supplying the industrial bakery market around the world.

Our mission has always been to create leavening agents suited to the complex technical requirements of the industrial bakery industry.

Founded in 1999 by female entrepreneur, Dinnie Jordan, she combined her love of chemistry and baking to unleash the potential of chemical leavening agents, proving they can do so much more than simply make a cake rise.

Based in rural South Shropshire, England, our ever-growing loyal team enjoys close camaraderie across the business from production to quality to sales. Through strong communication, the entire team remains motivated to ensure the continued success of Kudos Blends.

Today, we have a passionate team of chemists and bakers who develop effective solutions, helping our customers make improvements to health and nutrition as well as overcome challenging formulations and processes.

Our patented and patent-pending products are a testament to our creativity and originality. The scientific approach we take continues on a daily basis with new and exciting technology constantly being developed, bringing unexpected solutions such as the ability to stabilise inclusions, even in the simplest of recipes.

We create revolutionary solutions for the industry’s biggest challenges by unlocking the chemistry behind baking.

Manufacturing Facilities

We constantly invest in our manufacturing facilities ensuring that standards continually improve and that our facility meets the demands of our fast growing business.

All Kudos Blends ingredients are manufactured on site in the UK, giving us full control over the composition and production of our leavening agents.

We operate two production facilities, of which one is a dedicated gluten-free milling and blending environment, to guarantee free-from claims.

Our manufacturing facility’s commitment to food safety, traceability, quality control and product authenticity is endorsed through our AA+ certification from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) against the Global Food Safety Standard.

Chemist in the lab

Research and Development

Our UK technical centre, consisting of an extensive laboratory and test bakery, brings the team of chemists and bakers together in a unique way to fully understand bakery ingredients and their functionality.

By considering the whole manufacturing process and the relationship between different ingredients, we develop easy-to-use baking powders and leavening agents that deliver reliable aeration and so much more.

We are committed to discovering new and impactful ways to support manufacturers in the food industry, investing over 10% of our revenue in the development of patented products and revolutionary solutions to modern bakery challenges.

Technical Support

Our team of experts is committed to addressing and solving your unique bakery challenges with precision. Whether you’re creating cakes or crumpets, we have the knowledge to guide you in selecting the perfect leavening agent.

We understand the fundamental aspects of baking such as gas release, batter and dough rheology, ingredient interactions, and heat transfer to deliver optimal solutions.

Our emphasis is on the science behind baking, ensuring that the recommended leavening agents are tailored to enhance the quality of your products.

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