About Us

Our Purpose and Strategy

Chemical leavening isn’t just about making baked products rise.
We want to share our knowledge so that bakers and bakeries around the world get so much more from this essential ingredient.

Choosing the right system can result in:

  • Much healthier products such as reduced sodium, aluminium and phosphate
  • Bring sodium and potassium into balance for improved consumer health
  • More robust products that can be processed without high waste levels
  • Changing the spread of the baked product – not just the height
  • Reduce the pH for longer shelf life and for optimising the preservative system
  • Change the colour of baked products – a deeper colour for chocolate products and a brighter crumb if that’s what’s required
  • Taking out unnecessary ingredients from the recipe
  • Reducing the sugar content
  • Adding water into the recipe – and it’s free!


Our team of bakers and chemists are making new discoveries daily.
We wish to partner with our customers for creating the products they need and most importantly to create healthier products for the health and well being of consumers worldwide