Why choose KODA® potassium bicarbonate?

Replacing sodium bicarbonate with potassium bicarbonate is a simple and effective way to reduce sodium in baked goods. Both ingredients function in the same way, producing carbon dioxide gas during the baking process to provide aeration. The great thing about potassium bicarbonate is it not only helps to reduce sodium but also adds potassium, a vital dietary mineral that can help reduce blood pressure.

Not all potassium bicarbonate is the same, though. Standard potassium bicarbonate is prone to caking, making it difficult or impossible to weigh and mix. Most grades are also too coarse to fully dissolve and react during the baking process, resulting in reduced end-product volume and flavour issues. KODA® potassium bicarbonate has been developed to overcome these issues, making it the perfect choice for bakers who want healthier products without compromise.