One of the UK’s leading tortilla manufacturers reached out to Kudos Blends with the aim of reducing sodium in their products. Without the need for recipe reformulation, it was possible to drastically reduce sodium levels and maintain the same quality finished good using one of our PELL™ K low sodium baking powders.

What PELL™ K-Rise Can Do for You

  • Reduce sodium in tortillas by up to 20% without compromising end-product texture and shape.
  • Provide the same colour profile, blistering and rollability that customers expect.
  • Provide a tortilla dough that is suitable for both tortilla presses and cutting.
  • Replace sodium with the essential mineral potassium to improve the nutritional profile.

Our patented sodium reducing PELL™ K and KODA™ technology is also available for applications such as cakes, cookies, crackers, crumpets, muffins, pancakes, doughnuts, premixes and many more. To find out more about how to improve the nutritional profile of your baked goods, contact our experts.


Tortillas are notoriously high in sodium; in order to stay soft and supple over their shelf-life, a high water activity of the finished product is required. Historically, a high level of salt was required to enhance shelf-life by discouraging microbial growth and dry-staling. Salt is also critical in maintaining the flavour profile and textural properties of the tortilla. It acts to strengthen gluten bonding, increasing the tortilla’s robustness and rollability. Removing salt adversely impacts taste and longevity, meaning that the focus has to be shifted to reducing sodium from other sources.

Sources of Sodium in Tortillas


Our patented KODA™ potassium bicarbonate technology provides consistently impressive end-product results, with the physical characteristics, flavour and handleability that customers expect. As a component of PELL™ K-Rise, it grants the ability to dramatically reduce sodium and supplement it with potassium, an essential mineral.

Tortillas Made Using Different Bicarbonate Sources

Standard baking powder

381mg/100g of sodium

PELL™ K-Rise

306mg/100g of sodium

Kudos Blends’ original testing series demonstrated that it was possible to create a softer, yet equally robust tortilla. However, the customer was determined to imitate their original product as closely as possible, with a sodium reduction.


Measured using a TA.XT plus C texture analyser according to AIB bakery standards.
The higher the bar, the tougher the product.


Measured using a TA.XT plus C texture analyser according to AIB bakery standards.
The higher the bar, the more extensible the product.

Our in-house team of chemistry and bakery experts were able to tailor a baking powder perfectly to the application. However, it was also a priority for the customer’s production process that we could not only replicate a high standard of end-product but also provide the same degree of process tolerance. This meant producing a dough that was suitable for industrial tortilla presses. Thankfully, the team were once again able to meet the challenge.

KODA™ is available in both complete baking powders as part of our PELL™ K low sodium range, or as an individual ingredient. Our PELL™ K baking powders incorporate KODA™ 100 technology; perfect for industrial bakeries. For leavening that requires more specialised characteristics, we offer products with a range of particle sizes specifically designed to suit all applications.