We are delighted to announce that Dustin Nelson joins the UK based Kudos Blends team as VP of Sales for North America. This exciting appointment is a pivotal moment for Kudos Blends as we reach our 25th year of operation. We are looking to harness Dustin’s experience and reputation in the bakery industry to offer our revolutionary leavening agents to the US market.

With a decade of experience working with bakeries, Dustin has successfully navigated diverse markets, geographies and products, focusing on customer-specific challenges, and delivering tailored solutions. A transparent and dedicated expert of the bakery industry, he is a welcome addition to Kudos Blends.

Dustin has spent the last two months on site in the UK, developing his understanding of the business, our products and solutions. He now takes his wealth of knowledge back to the US, and together with a profound understanding of the US bakery market, he is well equipped with the expertise and passion to help bakery manufacturers achieve their goals.  On his recent experience in the UK, Dustin said “I’ve been really fortunate to spend a few months collaborating with our very talented team and learning about all the different and unique things our leavening systems can do. I am so excited to introduce some new and innovative solutions back home to our bakeries in the US”.

After years of investment into the research and development of new leavening agent technology, Kudos Blends has developed products that break the boundaries of traditional baking powder systems and has led to the creation of some extremely novel products. ZEUS™, our new range of innovative leavening agents, delivers powerful solutions to overcome industry challenges and exceptional leavening performance, all in one easy to use ingredient. For example, one of the new products within the ZEUS™ range allows bakeries to increase the shelf life of baked goods, ensuring products remain fresh for longer, allowing greater market reach and reducing food waste for manufacturers, retailers and consumers. This is just one example of how the Kudos Blends’ solutions can revolutionise the bakery industry.

At Kudos Blends, our mission has always been to create leavening agents suited to the complex technical requirements of the bakery industry. Understanding the challenges bakeries face, from a manufacturing point of view as well as changing consumer trends, has always been at the forefront of our business progression. It is now time to expand our global reach and assist bakeries worldwide in solving the issues unique to them.  Dustin is a fantastic addition to our team and is perfectly placed as a local resource for providing solutions to US bakeries.  

Since 2011, we have been exporting all over the world, starting with our bakery specific, sodium-free alternative to sodium bicarbonate, KODA™ Potassium Bicarbonate. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that exports of our products are delivered seamlessly and safely to both our customers and carefully chosen distributors, including via our recently announced partnership with the iconic, global brand, Arm and Hammer™ for the distribution of KODA™ Potassium Bicarbonate in the US. Manufacturers will have a wider range of application choices to create exceptional baked goods that taste great and are healthier for consumers while also solving industry challenges.

Managing Director and Founder of Kudos Blends, Dinnie Jordan, concludes “Dustin is full of energy and passion. He fits in perfectly with the team and ethos at Kudos Blends and I am confident he will help us to reach our ambitious sales plan for the US market”

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