Continuing its mission to deliver healthier bakery ingredients to the South American market, Kudos Blends is proud to announce a new partnership with Lallemand Mexico S.A. de C.E., for the exclusive distribution of KODA™ potassium bicarbonate, NEOS™ SALP replacer acidulants and ZEUS™ leavening systems across Mexico.

With over 100 years of experience in the bakery market, Lallemand Inc. is a global leader in the development, production and distribution of yeasts, bacteria, and speciality food ingredients. Founded in Canada in 1915, it now has over 4000 employees and 45 manufacturing sites across the globe. The Lallemand Mexico branch, in particular, has extensive experience supplying industrial bakeries with leavening agents, making them an ideal partner to bring healthier ingredients to food manufacturers in the region.

Offering healthier solutions to bakeries in Mexico is now more important than ever, as new regulations announced at the end of 2019 will require food manufacturers to display warning labels on any product that contains high levels of sodium, sugar, fat and calories. Additionally, if the product displays one of these labels, it will be prohibited from including any information indicating that the product is recommended by a certain association or include images on its packaging that promote the product’s consumption. These changes will surely have a detrimental impact on the appeal of products displaying these warning labels. Kudos Blends’ experience in regions with similar labelling regulations (such as the UK and Australia) means it is perfectly positioned to work with Lallemand Inc. to deliver healthier solutions for baked goods, while maintaining the high-quality bakeries demand for their brand.

Dinnie Jordan, CEO and Founder of Kudos Blends, said “As part of our long-term strategy to improve the nutritional content of baked goods around the world, this stands out as a fantastic opportunity to work with one of the leading food ingredient specialists in Mexico and bring real change to the region. Having had the Lallemand Mexico team on-site to grow our relationship and give vital product training, it’s clear that they share the same vision as Kudos Blends.”

Kudos Blends welcomes Lallemand Mexico S.A. de C.E. to our international distributor network and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration.