Your tortilla challenges solved with ZEUS™ Hybrid Leavening System

Gone are the days of torn tortillas and exploding fillings. Thanks to ZEUS™ Hybrid Leavening System, tortilla manufacturers can achieve soft, flexible and long-lasting tortillas with a simple ingredient swap.

ZEUS™ Hybrid is part of the revolutionary ZEUS™ range of leavening systems recently announced by Kudos Blends, and is the result of years of research by their in-house chemists and expert bakers.

Bakery trials using ZEUS™ Hybrid Leavening System in wheat tortillas demonstrated increased softness and extensibility when compared to tortillas made using a standard baking powder. It also improved tortilla rollability – the ability to roll a tortilla around fillings without them breaking or cracking – and prevented tortillas from sticking together in their packs after storage. Furthermore, thanks to ZEUS™ Hybrid’s unique chemistry, a reliable reduction in pH can be achieved that more than doubles the effectiveness of preservatives used which in turn increases product shelf life. Read the full case study here.

Yvette Taylor, Bakery Project Manager at Kudos Blends, said:
“Having previously worked in the tortilla industry, I was impressed at the difference that ZEUS™ Hybrid made to tortilla dough softness and general usability, as well as the improvements to the finished product.”

Tortillas are now some of the fastest-growing bakery products worldwide. Led by the UK, Europe is showing accelerated growth of 8% per annum with a 12% global market share predicted by 2023, while in North America tortillas are the second most sold bakery item after white pan bread. Indeed, they have been a perpetual favourite of NASA astronauts since the 1980s due to their ability to remain crumb free under microgravity.

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