Perfect gluten-free cakes with ZEUS™ GF Leavening System

For Coeliac UK Awareness Week, Kudos Blends is announcing a revolutionary new range of leavening agents to overcome the challenges of manufacturing gluten-free cakes and baked goods.

ZEUS™ GF Leavening System is a result of years of research by the chemists and baking experts at Kudos Blends, the leading manufacturer and supplier of technically-driven leavening agents to the bakery industry worldwide.

Gluten-free bakers often struggle to produce consistent results on an industrial scale, requiring a complex array of ingredients and processes. Even then, gluten-free cakes often collapse after baking leading to a dense texture and uneven appearance.

Bakery trials at Kudos Blends showed that cakes made with ZEUS™ GF Leavening System had 30% more volume and a softer, moister crumb compared to cakes made with standard gluten-free baking powder and did not collapse after baking. They were also more resilient to handling and packing, and can be made using a simple all-in-one mixing method. For more information on the trial results, see our full case study.

Richard Farrington, Kudos Blends’ gluten-free specialist, said:
‘I’ve been researching and trialling ZEUS™ GF Leavening System for some time now, but it still catches me by surprise quite how much of an impact it has on the quality and consistency of gluten-free bakes. This really could revolutionise the world of gluten-free baking’.

Coeliac disease is a serious medical condition affecting at least 1 in every 100 people in which an autoimmune response is triggered by consuming foods containing gluten. Adding to this the growing number of people choosing to follow a gluten-free diet as a lifestyle choice, demand for gluten-free bakes has never been higher.

Contact the team at Kudos Blends to see how ZEUS™ GF Leavening System can overcome your gluten-free baking challenges.