Kudos Blends was given the opportunity to meet with other thought leaders to discuss industry challenges in sodium reduction in the diet, at the IFST Food Science and Nutrition Group event: ‘What is a “pinch” of salt?’

Our Managing Director, Dinnie Jordan, gave an overview of the technical challenges in the bakery industry, highlighting the complexities of reducing sodium in chemically leavened goods without affecting product quality.

With excess sodium intake still one of the biggest contributors to sub-standard heart health, it is crucial that manufacturers look for alternatives to sodium-containing ingredients.

Although bread manufacturers have had success with reducing sodium chloride levels, Dinnie highlighted that producers of chemically leavened goods must consider replacing sodium bicarbonate, which has a significant impact on the sodium content of end products.

The debate came to the conclusion that potassium-based sodium bicarbonate replacers are the most viable option for bakery manufacturers; Matt Ayres, product specialist at Kudos Blends, explained that KUDOS™ potassium bicarbonate has been specifically developed to match the functionality of sodium bicarbonate in baked goods, helping bakers to create healthier products of the highest quality.

For more detail about the IFST debate, read this blog written by Matt Ayres.