The only way is up!

With a continuing pipeline of remarkable products coming out of the technical team, it has become clear that in order to meet growing global demand we need greater capacity in our production facilities. The first phase has been completed – the building is up and internal racking will be installed this week.

With a significant investment of over £1m, we have been supported by the approval of a grant from the rural development programme for England. With our brand new facility we will bring new jobs to our rural area and as a spinoff will support the local community through demand for their services.

The warehouse facility and staff amenities will be finished by mid July and then the hard work commences with the purchase and installation of new equipment. The new set up has been designed to de-risk the health and safety element of our production through a significant reduction in manual handling, together with fewer fork lift truck movements.

Worldwide demand is taking off for our products, and whilst we have been supplying to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for some time, we are now exporting to Peru, Chile and Mexico. Interestingly it is these countries where the public health policies are strong and their governments are implementing strong sodium reduction targets in all processed goods.

This drives new business for our KODA™ Potassium Bicarbonate which has been specifically designed for the bakery industry and for exporting to far-flung places. Ensuring the product remains a free-flowing powder is essential; and our patented grade does just this.

The expansion can’t come soon enough. Our factory staff are delighted with the investment and the opportunities it provides.


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