Stop Food Waste Day 2021

Food waste is a huge global issue, costing businesses and consumers billions of dollars each year. Just a quarter of this wasted food would be enough to feed the 800 million malnourished people around the world.

We’re doing our bit to support our customers in the global fight against food waste. With over 20 years of experience working with industrial bakeries worldwide, Kudos Blends has developed a range of technically-driven baking powders and leavening systems to ensure consistent bakes, excellent process tolerance, shelf-life extension, increased output volumes and reduced cut-off waste.

Flatter cakes to eliminate cut-off waste

Standard baking powder

ZEUS™ Leavening System

pH reduction to increase shelf life

Standard baking powder

pH 7.0

PELL™ Preservit Baking Powder

pH 6.3




Significant volume increases in gluten-free bakes leading to greater product output

Standard baking powder

ZEUS™ GF Leavening System

Maintaining volume despite inconsistent batter hold times

With an extensive range of speciality baking powders and the ability to create custom blends suited to any process or application, Kudos Blends has a baking solution to meet every need. Visit our website to learn more: