Stop Food Waste Day 2021

Food waste is a huge global issue, costing businesses and consumers billions of dollars each year. Just a quarter of this wasted food would be enough to feed the 800 million malnourished people around the world. The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) estimates that, in the UK alone, the bakery, cake and cereals sector is responsible for 90,000 tonnes of wasted food, with 51% considered avoidable.

We’re doing our bit to support our customers in the global fight against food waste. With over 20 years of experience working with industrial bakeries worldwide, Kudos Blends has developed a range of technically-driven baking powders and leavening systems to minimise wastage during production or storage.

Flatter cakes to eliminate cut-off waste

Our ZEUS™ Leavening System reduces how much of your cake ends up in the bin by creating a flat surface ready for icing without needing to cut any off the top.

Standard baking powder

ZEUS™ Leavening System

Less cake disposal by consumers and retailers

PELL™ Preservit is designed to reduce product pH, increasing the effectiveness of preservatives and prolonging shelf life. Longer shelf life means fewer out-of-date products disposed of by retailers or customers.

Standard baking powder

pH 7.0

PELL™ Preservit Baking Powder

pH 6.3




Consistent gluten-free cake production reduces waste

The weaker structure of gluten-free doughs and batters can cause flat or collapsed products, with rejects often ending up as food waste. Our ZEUS™ GF Leavening System ensures consistent gluten-free bakes every time.

Standard baking powder

ZEUS™ GF Leavening System

Better yields and reduced waste through improved process control

PELL™ Restrain Baking Powder was developed to be highly process tolerant, so batters that are left to stand for longer than intended retain their leavening potential and do not have to be discarded.

With an extensive range of speciality baking powders and the ability to create custom blends suited to any process or application, Kudos Blends has a baking solution to meet every need. Visit our website to learn more: