Volume and Shape

We have a wide range of products with different gas release profiles that can help you consistently achieve the perfect size, shape and texture for all your baked goods.

Our innovative leavening agents can help bakers enhance the volume and shape of their products which can increase yield, reduce waste and improve overall appearance.

Leavening plays a crucial role in creating the desired volume and shape in baked goods. To achieve the best results, food manufacturers must choose a baking powder or leavening agent that suits their application and delivers gas at the right stage during the baking process.

Increasing Volume

Choosing the right leavening agent is key to achieving optimum height and volume in a baked good. We work with our customers to find the most suitable leavening system for their application and process, ensuring it delivers the perfect amount of gas during the mixing, holding and baking stages. Maximising the volume of a baked good makes it more visually appealing to consumers and can help manufacturers increase production yield.

Increasing Volume

Shape Control

Baking powder has a significant impact on the appearance of a baked good. As a product begins to set during the baking process, the rate of gas release influences its final shape and can be the difference between a product maintaining volume or collapsing. Whether you are looking to achieve the perfect peak in a muffin, a flat-topped celebration cake or simply prevent products from collapsing after baking, our team of bakery experts are here to find the ideal product for you.

Shape Control

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