SALP Replacement

Our aluminium-free replacements for sodium aluminium phosphate provide all the functionality without the associated health risks, addressing both regulatory and customer concerns.

Sodium aluminium phosphate, commonly known as SALP,  is a leavening acid used in baked products. Despite its widespread use, concerns have been raised about the health risks of aluminium consumption. By working closely with customers and understanding their needs, Kudos Blends has created a unique range of SALP replacements, designed to replicate the benefits and performance of SALP without the associated health concerns.

Aluminium Removal

A concern about the link between aluminium consumption and health risks such as Alzheimer’s disease, has prompted bans of aluminium-containing ingredients in many countries, including the leavening acid sodium aluminium phosphate (SALP). Instead, bakers can rely on Kudos Blends’ SALP replacers to offer all the same benefits as SALP without the aluminium.

Aluminium Removal

Texture Maintenance

The production of a fine, resilient and bright crumb is widely associated with the use of the acidulant sodium aluminium phosphate (SALP). It can be very hard to replicate this with other leavening acids. Through determined development, assessment and evaluation in multiple applications by both our bakers and chemists, our zero aluminium SALP replacers have been developed to achieve the same baked product characteristics achieved with SALP without the associated health concerns.

Texture Maintenance

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