Process Tolerance

Use our heat activated baking powders to overcome process control challenges often seen in the bakery process

There are inevitable challenges during the baking process; from changes in temperature to delays on the line. Recipes can sometimes vary due to natural fluctuations from key ingredients such as wheat flour, egg and even water.

Choosing a heat-activated baking powder from Kudos Blends allows bakery operators to have more control during manufacturing. Gas release is delayed until the correct point in the baking process. In turn, this will deliver a consistent baked product, reduce waste and create a soft, yet resilient crumb structure.

Pre-Bake Stability

Our process-tolerant leavening agents allow bakers to hold batters and doughs for extended periods while maintaining end-product quality and consistency. This ensures each batch of products achieves the desired volume and texture even when faced with unforeseen downtime, or when manufacturing in hot and humid conditions.

Pre-Bake Stability


Delivering gas at the right stage in the baking process helps to create a tight and uniform crumb structure, which can improve the overall resilience of a baked product. Leavening agents offer a simple way to improve the processing characteristics without needing to add expensive functional ingredients.


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