Phosphate-Free Leavening

Achieve consistent aeration with our easy-to-use phosphate-free baking powders that deliver unique solutions to the biggest bakery challenges.

Phosphate-free leavening offers a sustainable approach for bakery manufacturers, benefiting both producers and consumers. Our specialist leavening agents minimise the use of finite resources.

Adopting our phosphate-free leavening not only addresses environmental concerns and green supply-chain management in the food industry but also provides additional benefits to the end product such as shelf-life extension, which can help to reduce food waste.

Phosphate-Free Leavening

Through our commitment to creating revolutionary solutions for the baking industry, we have developed a range of phosphate-free leavening agents designed specifically for the needs of industrial bakeries. These blends also provide a multitude of benefits, such as enhancing natural colours and increasing end-product shelf-life.

Phosphate-Free Leavening

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