New regulation approves use of magnesium phosphates as a raising agent

A new EU regulation has come into effect that approves magnesium dihydrogen diphosphate for use as a raising agent and acidity regulator. This new development within the phosphate industry is likely to eliminate the astringent aftertaste, commonly associated with its sodium counterpart (known as SAPP) but most significantly reduce the sodium content in bakery applications.

Bakers can often struggle when it comes to reducing sodium and maintaining functionality; even when using KUDOS™ Potassium Bicarbonate the sodium level of some products can be close to exceeding targets.

To Kudos’ knowledge there are not currently any magnesium dihydrogen diphosphates commercially available but this news demonstrates the innovation that is taking place in order to find sodium free alternative phosphates. As ever, altering phosphates can affect functionality so needs careful consideration. To ensure customers have an effective sodium reduction solution Kudos will be putting any new product through its paces to provide technical support to customers whenever it is needed.