Dinnie Jordan presenting at ASB 2019

Has our industry really ever understood the chemistry behind phosphate leavening agents? At the American Society of Baking, director and founder, Dinnie Jordan blew away the thinking that has been embedded in us for over 100 years.

Dinnie shared our discovery into the real mechanism of the reaction of sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP) with sodium bicarbonate (soda), what this has done to baking, the problems it causes and the limitations it imposes in bakery development.

In challenging this thinking Kudos has made some exciting new discoveries and a brand new, amazing way to deliver carbon dioxide without the drawbacks of sodium acid pyrophosphate. We plan to launch this new technology later this year in time for our 20th anniversary.

Look out world – we are about to revolutionise the baking industry, changing the way we will bake forever.