Andrew’s Double Rat Race for Children with Cancer UK.

At Kudos Blends, we are passionate about raising funds for charities close to our hearts. One of these is Children with Cancer UK. They are a leading charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer and are at the forefront of determining causes, finding cures and providing care for children with cancer.

Children with Cancer UK hosts annual events to raise awareness and funds. One of these events is the Rat Race Dirty Weekend. Essentially it’s the world’s largest obstacle course event, at 20 miles long and with over 200 obstacles.

Andrew Thompson, brother in law to our Managing Director Dinnie Jordan, embraced this challenge, and then doubled it in memory of Jack Edwards, the son of Kudos team member Chrissie. On May 7th he undertook a whopping 40 miles and over 400 obstacles and has currently managed to surpass his initial goal, raising over £2000.

To assist Andrew, here at Kudos Blends, we utilised our baking skills and raised extra donations amounting to £265, with delicious doughnut and cupcake sales.

Andrews ‘Just Giving’ page is currently still live and taking donations.