Who we work with

We pride ourselves on creating and nurturing strategic partnerships with our customers and build valuable relationships with the individuals in these organisations.

Customer Testimonials

We work with commercial bakeries and food manufacturers to provide solutions for the baking industry’s greatest challenges. These include reducing food waste, improving product quality and ensuring compliance to health initiatives, all while maximising profitability.

Distributor Testimonials

Bakeries throughout the world can benefit from industry-leading leavening agents thanks to our network of approved distribution partners. To ensure our global customers receive world-class service, we carefully select partners that are aligned with our commitment to customer service, technical support and a deep understanding of the food industry. We encourage our partners to work collaboratively with their customers, showcasing our range in relevant applications to demonstrate the functional and nutritional benefits of our products.

We are always looking to work with like-minded distributors in new territories. If you are interested in working with us please get in touch here.