Technical Support

All of our products are backed by unrivalled technical support; expertise that is refined in our purpose built laboratory and test bakery. From ingredient rationalisation and recipe reformulation, to process alteration and improvement, our team of chemists and bakery experts are on hand to assist you.

Through extensive and continuing investment in product development and innovation, we can provide lower sodium content baking powders, a complete alternative to sodium bicarbonate and blends to provide higher potassium level content.

Understanding the whole bakery process and the relationship between different ingredients ensures we continually develop highly functional leavening agents that deliver so much more than just making your product rise.

We are the leavening experts. We consider the fundamental properties of gas release, batter and dough rheology, ingredient interactions and heat transfer, and through this understanding, the Kudos Blends team is able to continually develop innovative blends for the global market.

For support from our technical team, please email


  • Ingredient rationalisation
  • Recipe reformulation and re-balance
  • Sodium reduction strategies
  • Process alteration and improvements
  • On-site training sessions for technical and production staff

Using KODA™ Potassium Bicarbonate or PELL K Baking Powder in baked goods brings the intake of dietary sodium and potassium back into balance.


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