ZEUS™ GF Leavening System: Perfect gluten-free cakes with all-in-one mixing and no post-bake collapse


Kudos Blends’ revolutionary new ZEUS™ GF Leavening System overcomes the problems of gluten-free cake manufacturing:

    • Prevents post-bake collapse, even when cooled in their tins
    • Allows for a simple all-in-one mixing method
    • 30% increase in volume
    • Softer, moister crumb with added resilience to handling


Developing gluten-free cakes that produce consistent results at industrial scales is a difficult task. Common complaints include excessive post-bake collapse and a dense, sandy crumb. Complicated processes and ingredients compound these challenges.


ZEUS™ GF Leavening System overcomes the challenges of manufacturing gluten-free cakes and other baked goods. It was created by the chemists and baking experts at Kudos Blends, the leading manufacturer and supplier of technically-driven leavening agents to the bakery industry.


Bakery trials at Kudos Blends showed that cakes made with ZEUS™ GF Leavening System had 30% more volume and a softer, moister crumb compared to cakes made with standard gluten-free baking powder. They did not collapse after baking and were also more resilient to handling and packing. These findings were corroborated objectively using an instrumental texture analyser. ZEUS™ GF Leavening System also allows cakes to be made using a simple all-in-one mixing method without impacting quality.

Relative-difference chart showing results of texture analysis. All textural differences were statistically significant (p<0.05).

Contact the team at Kudos Blends to see how the revolutionary new ZEUS™ GF Leavening System can overcome your gluten-free baking challenges.