Work experience at Kudos Blends: a student’s perspective

Last week the Kudos team welcomed a work experience student to the company. Tara lives in the local community surrounding Kudos Blends and has recently completed her GCSEs at Lacon Childe School. With a keen interest in chemistry, Tara came to us looking for inspiration for her future career. As thought leaders in the chemistry behind baking, and conveniently right on her doorstep, Kudos was the perfect place for Tara to learn all about how science can be used in ways that are not always considered conventional scientific career paths. Tara writes about her experience below.

“This was my first experience of both factory and office based work and during my week I have been surprised by the amount of different jobs that are required for a company. I have been experiencing most of these jobs by observing the work and taking part in fun tasks. To begin my week I had a site tour to get to know where everything was and to meet the friendly staff. Within the factory I saw the careful and precise process of making the baking powder, learning about all the various ingredients and seeing how it was made. This was a new experience which was very interesting to observe as I have never seen a factory before.

I was then set to do tasks within each department around the business, the first within customer services and supply chain. This involved me estimating the batches of ingredients that were needed for next month and inputting the list into the system database. This began the circle of process within the factory as they needed the ingredients in order to produce the final products.

Also during my week I spent a day in the laboratory where I was tasked with identifying three different baking powders. This was linked to baking powder training I had received during my time with the technical team, and showed me how different types of baking power have different properties and are used for different baked goods. I did two experiments, one on particle size and one on quality control; these identified the properties that I would then use later in baking. My time within the technical team finished with a baking project. I made scones and Madeira cakes with the three different baking powders to see what the visible effects of the baking powders were. This was very interesting as it showed the importance of using the correct ingredients to get the best result. Overall the tasks within the technical team were my favourite as they allowed me to do physical analysis and see the scientific side of baking.

To end off my week at Kudos, I completed small tasks on customer research and marketing as these showed me the advertising side of the business and the importance of keeping up with customers.

I found my time at Kudos Blends extremely enjoyable and really interesting. Everyone was very friendly and helpful; they made me feel very welcome! I feel that I have learnt some valuable experience for my career and loved my time there.”

The team could definitely see a budding chemist in Tara and it was a pleasure to have her with us for the week. We wish her all the best with her studies and in her future career!