Stop Food Waste Day 2020

Here’s a shocking statistic – one third of all food produced globally is wasted. The sad fact is that not only does this cost businesses and consumers billions of dollars each year and causes significant harm to the environment, but it would take only a quarter of this amount of food to feed the 800 million malnourished people around the world. Undoubtedly, more can and needs to be done by all sectors of the food industry to help combat this global issue.

Baked goods generally have a high rate of waste compared to many other foods, as they tend to have a relatively short shelf life and are sensitive to variations to production conditions.

Even a minor change in batter/dough temperature or an increase in pre-bake holding time can cause significant issues with the physical characteristics of the end product, often ultimately resulting in its disposal. This is mainly due to the functionality and stability of the chemical leavening agent used in the recipe.

Temperature and time both strongly influence the rate at which most chemical leavening agents react and release gas, which has a significant impact on the volume, texture and overall quality of the baked good. Unfortunately, it is nigh-impossible to have total control over the temperature and hold times during production as maintenance, seasonal changes and unforeseen downtime can all have an impact.

Clearly, the ideal solution is to use a leavening agent that can withstand time and temperature variations, while still achieving the ideal rise to give consistently high-quality baked goods.

With over 20 years of experience working in partnership with global industrial bakeries, Kudos Blends has developed a range of functional, process tolerant leavening agents designed to stand up to production and environmental changes.

By improving the consistency of baked goods, retail waste can also be reduced as products with consistent appearance are more appealing to consumers and therefore less likely to go out of date before purchase.

Contact Product Specialist, Matt Ayres, today to find out how you can improve the consistency of your baked goods to maximise profitability, reduce your environmental impact and help support the global fight against food waste.

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