PELL K™ Low Sodium Baking Powders

Reducing sodium in bakery products becomes simple with our PELL™ K range of baking powders. Incorporating our patented grade of potassium bicarbonate, developed and manufactured in house, the PELL™ K range can deliver an immediate reduction in sodium whilst maintaining the taste, texture and volume of your product. With a wide selection of blends available, including gluten free versions, PELL™ K is the number one choice for low sodium baking.

Customer Benefits of Using PELL™ K Low Sodium Baking Powder

  • Reduce sodium whilst maintaining taste, texture and quality
  • Increases potassium to improve mineral balance for healthier baked cakes
  • Maximises product volume by optimising gas release during mixing, holding and baking stages
  • Reduces waste by controlling gas release and improving process tolerance
  • Customised blends to suit your bakery needs, optimised for your products