KODA™ – the new SODA. The first choice for sodium reduction

In a flash of creative inspiration, KODA™ became the new brand name for our potassium bicarbonate. With SODA being a household name for sodium bicarbonate and with K the symbol for potassium, KODA™ was born and we love it!

We don’t think KODA™ will become a household name, and we’re not sure we would want that anyway. Soda has many, many uses, including as a household cleaner, but our KODA™ is too sophisticated for that! Becoming a bakery industry acknowledged word is the challenge we are up for, and we are certainly making good progress, supplying many multinational and global companies.

Developed specifically as an essential sodium reduction tool for the bakery industry,  it has an exacting particle size specifically designed to meet the industry demands for its use as a leavening agent. We are delighted to have got through the hurdles of a patent application and now have our patent granted in a variety of countries across all continents.

One of the key attributes of creating a product for our export market is to ensure our product remains free flowing over life. Potassium salts are naturally hygroscopic and therefore can go hard and lumpy over time and in transit. Our patent includes the process and ingredients to guarantee our product remains useable over life, which is essential for creating quality baked products.

Kudos Blends began exporting in 2011 and gaining a strong reputation under the Kudos Blends brand was the first part of this important journey. We traded our potassium bicarbonate,  under the KUDOS umbrella, until we became an established supplier in our overseas markets. Moving up a gear in 2019, sees a new look Kudos Blends with clearly defined product branding.

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